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Monday, 5 March 2012

Another long day in the library! Last night so many things disturb me, so i can not proper concentate on my work.. thats why its better to work in the library!!

This morning i had my fav porrige and a green tea..

At uni i had an apple and a sugar fee coffe.. alao i have my fish for later on!
and orange for dinner with coffe/or tea!!

I think this week is the one of the difficult ones in the year..
Dissertation its not the easyest part of studies.. but its will b over soon!

I HoPe!! Thabk you for the support messages! Its important for me..

with love



  1. Oh wow! is that all you eat? :-) xx

    1. this is my basic stuff. To be honest i had few pieces od dark chocolate today in the library (70% cocoa).
      but basically that it. I still try to loose a bit of weight :)