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Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Tonight i had some white with with fresh vegetables! And a fat free youghurt with some strawberries for desert!

Outfit of the day

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Tonight between the studies i decided to cook somethink nice for a tea/ coffe..Finally i choosed a very simple recipy for cinnamon rolls!
the is the link for it:

Good Morning

Hello my dear friends! Im realy sorry for not updating my blog very ofthen, just this 2 weeks im realy busy at uni..
As soon as i finish my dissertation, i promise to write more and post lots of pictures...
Also im gonna have a couple of photoshouts this in March..
Thank you for reading my blog!
I love you! Xx

Monday, 27 February 2012

Im still at uni.. work is goin so slow... im always want to eat somethink.. omg.. hate myself for it.. hope it all about stress and its will go soon..

wish i could go home now and bake some nice cake!!!

Ohh dreamsss dreams... gonna go downstairs ti get a Twix at this time.., fatty me..

My lunch

outfit of the day!

Uni times!

Jacket H&M
jumper Zara
trousers Zara
shoes Gucci
Chain Accessories

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Passion for Fashion

I love fashion.. and i love fashion blogs... there is some link which inspire me!!!!! Enjoy Xx!
and also mine.. the pictures which i like-i save there


Im hungry and sleepy...


We had a realy nice time yesterday, nice food and drinks.. now its time to back to normal diet and start Study!!!
Im gonna have some porrige now and go to library for all day! i have to write 2000 words at least today..

Everyone! enjoy the Sunday !!!

Saturday, 25 February 2012


im veg, but my friends had a steak tonight! I choosed a risotto and salmon starter! for a drink i had a glass of Cabernet Savinion, witch perfect matched with my meal.. And also Gaucho do delicious cheese bread! A realy nice place, deff need to visit and try a proper steak meat!

Night out!

Direction==> Gaucho===> Panacea

If u want, u will get it...

I was looking for this sequin jacket everywhere yesterday! Finally, today i got it! Zara in Trafford centre had a couple of them! Unfortunatelly, its size M, not S, but still lools good!
Love it!!

+ nice shirt with horse prints and linen jacket which i was talking about before!!!

Im ready to night out!

Outfit of the day!!

Jeans topshop
blouse H&M
Jacket H&M
Belt Hermes
Shoes DKNY

My fav breakfast!

Porrige with peaches and latte

Friday, 24 February 2012

Bon appetite!

steamed haddock
rocket salat with cucumber and balsamic
piece if omelette!

Good luck!

One of my friends is goin to Japan .. its so sad.. I met this guy at on of Lookin glass party'es. I fall in love with him, with his smile, funny faces,and personality.. He is a perfect man, real gentleman!
I wish him all the best! And hope will see him again!!!

For Christian with love..❤

Shop Shop Shop!!



My Special K lunch
and face/hair mask

Summer ZARA inspiration

Love! love! love!!

Hair routine

Many people askin me which products im using for my hair! There are some of my recent purcheses..
Remember: shampoo and conditioner im changing all the time..
To make a volume for your hair, try to use voliming shampoo and mousse +
dry them with roll brush


Breakfast time!

Its 11:50!! Great morning, no uni, so i can sleep as much as i want!!
Today im having porrige with banana and strawberryes and cappucino!!
Outside its raining and only +11 :(

Have a good day guys! Xx

Thursday, 23 February 2012


Its soo shit when u siting in the library with the bollte of water and apple... you are on diet ,and somebody eating crisps..this crispy noise makes me feel embarrased..

Library times...

Im stuck in library with my bloody dissertation.. Today is only the evening when im realy have time to do at least a bit of it.. im tryin to reach 1000 words, but each sentence takes me an ages to create.All i want now.. go home, take a nice shover, make a hair mask, do lashes,refresh my bedding sheets and stay in it with my laptop.. im such a lazy person.. :(((

youssou n'dour neneh cherry - seven seconds away (lyrics)

Dash Berlin - Till The Sky Falls Down (Official Music Video)

Zara S/S 2012

in love with colours and patterns


Can u believeee!??
Hi guys! Im already at many things to do.. I realy enjoy Dark Tourism classes..and my teaches is so funny, absolutely great person!
For my breakfast im havin skimmed latte ..
For lunch ive prepeared tuna steak with fresh salat..
Dinner :apple and orange...

After classes im goin to sunbeds—Ā,?lashes and teeth whittening..

I also need some refreshing masks for my face.. i look so tired..:(

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Leather white off jacket by BIBA
I feel sooo sleepy.. i think i can stay at my bed 24h..
Good morning everyone.. or good day! Im still i bed..Its raining aoutside and thats why i feel extremely lazy today.. I realy hate myself when i eat in the night.. but realy cant stay awake without food from 6 till 2in the morning.. Last night i eate some salmon with bread and ice cream.. omg..i will never get the body which i want..just cant loose anythink with my night meals.. Today im goin to have a chat with my supervisor about dissertation..Aftre im goin to see one hotel manager to discuss some questions which is also a part of my studies.. Well.. im not gonna eat anythink yet, just not hungry..
the best for me now is cup of ginger tea....

Monday, 20 February 2012

Tomorw lunch

tonight i've cooked tuna steak with salat! its gonna be my lunch tomorw at uni

Wish list

Today i was at Zara,to check new arivals...i hav'nt bought anythink yet, but in my head i ahve a nice set which i plan to have for this spring..I've tryed to find one trehcn/long blazer , as i seen in the store today, but cant find anythink like this. Its a linen coat,beige colour..could be used as a summer jacket..,but a bit long..its absolutely gorgerous..its only 1 left in the store ,and it was size S,unfortunalelly i had no time to try it on, and i need a size XS..but i will try it in next few show u!The next was a dress, which im planning to wear with this linen jacket. Its S/S collection.U can get one online, if u want to..
I dont like ZARA models.. the cloth is so nice in real life,. but when im checkin it online.. i dont like it at all..To complite the look im looking for the boots.. to make it like ubran country style..
May be somethink like that?I know is difficult to imagine, but i realy like how its matching together..Linen ,silk and leather..


Why im writing si slowly??:(( everythink disturbs me... sh*t

Lunch time..

This morning i had no time for breakfast,so now im having some food at uni..
Mixed salat( pasta&tuna, olives, cucumbers,lettuce, pasta&tomato ), latte, apple!

Its Monday..

Cant wait for spring any more.. I know its less than 10 days left untill March..but im ready to hide all my winter jumpers right now!

Today im planning to spent in the library and work on my dissertation..

Good day everyone!!