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Monday, 6 February 2012

Well.. i have a couple of minutes b4 i go to bed, thats why im here!:)
I visited many cities, and i always go to Zara for shopping!The cloth which they sell pretty much simmilar everywhere, but the way how its presented in the shops always different! What i think... its depends of staff who works there..and i guess some employes dont have a clue what is FASHION!

Im my own experience (i used to work in Zara for few monthes) i can say, that in Manchester city cent is the best Zara shop. When i go there.. i can buy everythink! The way how dresses and jackets are shown there make me shopping crazy! Everythink is perfectly matchink.. and its what i like! Some people dont have a personal shopper who will help them to choose right blouse+trousers, and find the perfect shoes for this outfit,but his store always impres me with their style and taste of fashion!

Never leave it without any purchase :))

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